Praise for the Books

North Carolina’s Hurricane History

1995 History Book Award, North Carolina Society of Historians

“It remains the only comprehensive history of hurricanes in the Tar Heel State.”
(Wilmington) Star-News Online “Bookmarks” Blog

“Fascinating. . . . With compelling words and images, Barnes chronicles the destruction seen and the lessons learned from the storms.”
Raleigh News and Observer

“Packed with information. . . . An intense and emotional narrative.”

“A very readable account of a subject whose dramatic history continues to unfold.”
North Carolina Historical Review

“This is arguably the best book ever produced about hurricanes–what they are, what they do, and how to avoid the brunt of them.”
Southern Book Trade

“A solid reference book and a well-illustrated treasure trove for browsers.”
Wilmington Star-News

Florida’s Hurricane History

1999 Charlton Tebeau Book Award, Florida Historical Society

“A comprehensive and useful history of hurricanes in Florida. . . . The best general history on hurricanes and their impact on the Sunshine state.”
Tampa Bay History

“Meticulously researched and compiled into a fascinating narrative. . . . I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a historical perspective of Florida’s complex relationship with the tropical cyclone.”
American Meteorological Society

“In . . . Florida’s Hurricane History, the stormy past of the Sunshine State rises above mere statistics.”
Tampa Bay Magazine

“Jay Barnes offers an informative look at Florida’s hurricane history.”
Natural Hazards Observer

“The book does not just focus on the events of the past, but also looks toward the future, discussing the serious threat that hurricanes continue to pose.”

“[A] wealth of information. . . . Highly recommended.”

Faces from the Flood: Hurricane Floyd Remembered

Documentary Faces from the Flood: 2005 Annual Regional Award, National Academy of Television Arts & Science, Midsouth Chapter

“Reading about everyday heroes and the fine people who came to the aid of so many is inspiring. . . . The book reminds me that we can count on our neighbors in times of trouble, a welcome message in the 21st century.”
Our State

“The editors generously illustrate the narratives with fifty-three photographs capturing the pathos, fear, generosity, and courage that accompanied Floyd and its aftermath, and many of these images are riveting. . . . Memorable and valuable.”
North Carolina Historical Review

“[The authors] have done an amazing job presenting three-dozen firsthand reports from victims, volunteers, scientists, heroes, and government officials. It is a riveting account of destruction, hope, and never giving up.”

Faces from the Flood rates an A+ from this career weather enthusiast. It provides excellent accounts of the years leading to the landfall of Hurricane Floyd and the giant magnitude of the meteorological flood event the storm caused in North Carolina. The personal stories of individuals caught in Floyd’s wake are unique and captivating. They can only be known by talking to the individuals interviewed in this book or by reading this book. To not know of these stories is to not understand the personal tragedy inflicted by a flooding hurricane.”
Steve Lyons, The Weather Channel